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Bolthouse Farms

People love junk food. So we gave carrots an extreme makeover and got America to Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food.’

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Carrots are seen as health food. Bolthouse Farms wanted to take share from the snack food category and grow sales of their healthy snack – baby carrots.

When we want a snack or treat we think junk not carrots

How do we make a healthy snack as appealing and exciting as junk food?

“Eat Em like Junk food” Changing the packaging, the product was moved to the junk food aisle of supermarkets and took over multiple vending machine sites – traditionally junk food territory.

The effect:
Launching in just 2 test markets, the campaign drove $14m worth of media coverage. Like for like sales increased 12% vs the control markets and ultimately Bolthouse Farms value was boosted allowing them to sell to Campbells for $1.55Bn.