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We created a skincare product that reminds young woman to feel their boobs in the place that’s best, the shower.

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Every box of the all-natural and beautifully scented BoobSoap™ comes with a checking card showcasing signs and symptoms to be aware of, and aims to make the process of checking your boobs regularly a little simpler. CP+B are hoping the campaign catches the attention of major retailers interested in stocking BoobSoap™ so that the agency can go into full production and thus begin routing all profits to CoppaFeel! to support their vital work. In the meantime, CoppaFeel! will leverage the BoobSoap™ concept as part of their annual #ShowerHijack campaign, where the charity ‘hijack’ communal bathrooms at universities, gym chains and yoga studios across the country with a range of awareness raising materials.