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We believe in creating real change for brands, through finding and telling their truth, in the most unexpected, creative and surprising way.

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We are a team of restless, passionate, creative people helping some of the world’s most exciting brands to drive change.

Over the years, we’ve picked up some fairly impressive awards. We were AdAge’s ‘Creative Agency of the Year’, four times, and their ‘Agency of the Decade’, plus the only agency ever to win three Cannes Titanium Grand Prix. Not only that, we created YouTube’s Most Viewed Ad ever.

It’s a big old world and it’s full of CPB offices. From America to Brazil, Europe and China. Take a look at what everyone else is up to, here.

And here’s the team that heads things up in London:

Helen James
Helen James

Managing Director

Dave Day
Dave Day

Executive Creative Director

David Proudlock
David Proudlock

Head of Strategy

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Trust is more than just an RTB

Today, trust in brands is at an all time low, with just one-in-three people trusting most of the brands they buy and use (Edelman, 2019). So how do you become a brand that people trust?

‘There’s no wrong way’: inside Ballantine’s marketing line for next generation whisky fans

Ballantine’s, the second-best-selling Scotch whisky in the world, has launched a new campaign across 20 markets as it looks to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience. We catch up with its global head of brand communications, Josh McCarthy, to hear how it created a campaign that’s relevant in every corner of the world.

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