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Christmas is almost here! Which means just a few more weeks until we get to set our Out Of Office emails and kick back for a well deserved holiday break.

To help you navigate this often stressful time of year, we’ve put together 12 hacks that will see you through whatever the festive season has to throw at you. (Hopefully not a snowball to the face).

Hover over the doors to reveal the hacks!

Say your bold idea out loud. They can’t laugh in your face on Zoom. They’re all on mute.

Add a touch of christmas magic to your cold, by putting glitter in your mouth before you sneeze

If you’re bad at wrapping, give them their present raw and say you’re saving the planet

Make your advent calendar more of a challenge by gluing a mousetrap to each of the doors

If it snows, use your dirty roasting pans as a sled so that it cleans them at the same time

If you don’t have christmas stockings, use normal socks and save money by only having to buy tiny presents

Party game: place a Santa hat on the corner of your tv. Every time someone wears it, have a drink.

Christmas dinner hack: pants won’t get too tight if you’re not wearing any.

Place your new partner at the end of all family photos, so you can easily cut them off if it doesn’t last.

Wrap empty boxes and place them under the tree. When the kids misbehave throw one in the the fire.

Feel good hack. Set your scales back 10 pounds before Christmas day.


– From CPB London