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See how we’re disrupting the luxury beauty market with Beauty Pie

We’re a creative collective that like disruptive ideas. Outrageously successful ideas that get talked about and written about.

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Selected works

Scotch & Summer
The Glenlivet Carribean reserve Bottle from winter to summer

Whisky. It’s all leather armchairs and cosy, smoke-filled studies. Something only to be savoured on a dark winter’s evening, probably in cold and flu season…right? WRONG!

Client: The Glenlivet
Campaign: Scotch & Summer

The disruptor on everybody’s lips
Raising eyebrows, not prices

This is our sassy, defiant new spot for Beauty Pie, the first ever shopper’s club for beauty addicts where members have access to luxury beauty without the luxury prices. It opens in typical luxe beauty mode, but quickly morphs into an edgy critique of the traditional beauty industry.

Client: Beauty Pie
Campaign: Our Voice

Flying to Gotham and Metropolis
Now flying to Metropolis

In this superstar campaign we announced to the world that Turkish Airlines now fly to Gotham and Metropolis. Sponsoring the new Batman vs Superman film, we wanted to come up with a campaign that made sense of the sponsorship rather than being just a shallow fame driving spend. The two ads were launched in the pre-show to the 2016 Super Bowl. The campaign resulted in 125 million earned media impressions. Over 30 million YouTube views for the ads. And over 700 news placements, including Mashable, ABC News, Empire, Yahoo News, Vanity Fair, Hollywood Reporter, The Independent, the Daily Mail, Variety and Rolling Stone – who ranked the ads No1 movie commercials in the Super Bowl.

Client: Turkish Airlines
Campaign: Batman vs Superman

Double Standards
Client: CPB London
CAMPAIGN: Double Standards

Change gear

A new brand platform and launch campaign to promote MPB – the online destination to buy and sell used photo and video kit. MPB’s mission is to open up the world of visual storytelling in a way that’s good for people and the planet. Pushing for accessibility and sustainability with its circular economy.

Client: MPB
Campaign: Change Gear

George at ASDA Fenomenal
Client: George at Asda
Campaign: Fenomenal

CPB who?

We’re one of the few places that have creative disruption in our DNA. We were born that way.

And when CPB say ‘disruptive’ we mean big, human, emotionally engaging ideas that affect and create culture rather than simply following it. Ideas that real people want to share with their mates and their mums. Stuff that creates buzz in the real world.

It’s a big old world. And it’s full of CPB offices. From America to Brazil, Europe and China. All working together in unique ways for the same purpose. It’s great to be part of it. Have a look at what everyone else is up to, here.

And here are the people who head-up things in London:

Helen James
Helen James

Managing Director

Dave Day
Dave Day

Executive Creative Director

David Proudlock
David Proudlock

Head of Strategy

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