Imagine Colouring Book by CPB London

Imagine…a world where gender makes no difference

A big challenge when it comes to gender diversity is our unconscious biases. We are wired to think a certain way, based on the world we grew up in. To achieve gender diversity, we need to confront and question our biases.

To tackle this issue, we created a campaign that directly challenges these biases. 

But we felt like words weren’t enough. So we are supporting The Young Women’s Trust and Beyond Equality to make sure that the campaign drives real change as well as raises awareness of the issue. All proceeds from the sale of the items, will go to support their work towards a future where gender makes no difference.



Let’s face our biases in the workplace.

Posters to confront and question of gender biases



We need to make sure we are not passing on biases to the next generation.

This is a coloring book for kids – and their parents.


All proceeds from the sale of items below will go to support the work of Beyond Equality and Young Women’s Trust, towards a future where gender makes no difference.


A big thank you to our sponsors, for making this happen and helping us create a world where we don’t have to imagine anymore.