ASICS AW23 | She Breathes

Stress and anxiety are rising like never before. From the pressures of social media to fears about the climate. On top of this, women carry a heavier mental load, which contributes to the fact they are twice as likely to suffer extreme stress than men.

 This campaign is the next instalment of the successful ‘She breathes campaign’, where we encourage women to put themselves first and set aside time for their body and mind, in order to return with renewed energy, ready to tackle life and the many challenges it brings (family, work, daily mental load).  Move. Breathe. Recharge. Nothing feels better than moving with ASICS.

Hero Film

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Bespoke in-feed assets developed from a larger communication plan which help to bring the main insight to life.

Running and training


Snackable, fit for purpose social content filmed on the day and optimised for IG reels & TikTok.

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