Breaking walls

Here’s our first, brand new campaign for The Glenlivet – Pernod Ricard’s flagship single malt Scotch whisky – which looks to open up the single malt category to a new generation. At the heart of the campaign is an epic film that takes us on a journey of The Glenlivet’s history of breaking with tradition and celebrates those who aren’t afraid of mixing things up. As we travel from one era in recent history to the next, we watch as each protagonist breaks with a whisky-related convention of the time. Tradition upended, they then literally demolish the walls of the set and a new scene and era is revealed into which the lead boldly steps. Launching the brand’s ‘Original By Tradition’ positioning, the spot pays homage to The Glenlivet’s tradition of breaking traditions, which started in 1824 when the founder George Smith was the first distiller in the Livet Valley to go legitimate.

Client: The Glenlivet
Campaign: Original By Tradition

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Double digital growth

reversing decades of decline